Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural and Livelihood Development, Inc. (ALCADEV) was established in July 19, 2004 as an alternative learning system especially designed to provide secondary education to indigent indigenous youth -the Manobo , Higaonon, Banwaon, Talaandig and Mamanwa. They live in the poverty-stricken mountains of Surigao del Norte and Sur, Agusan del Norte and Sur (Caraga Region , Philippines)

There are no schools in these communities. Children walk under the scorching heat of the sun or even brave storms to reach the town centers where the schools are. Often times , these schools are some 20 kilometers away from their homes. It is no surprise that even before the year ends, many of the indigenous youth drop out of the school. Their parents could not keep up the high cost of transportation, food and lodging and other expenses necessary to finish even a year in high school. The indigenous youth also endure and are most of the time discouraged by derogatory remarks and treatment from the lowlanders who consider them as second class citizens.

Cognizant of the aspirations of the indigenous youth and their families and communities, ALCADEV fills in the void by providing secondary education that is relevant to their culture and needs. ALCADEV ensures that the knowledge and skills the indigenous youth acquire from school serves not only their individual growth but also the development of their communities.

ALCADEV offers academic studies, vocational and technical skills. Students are likewise linked up with their communities through various activities with their parents and community members.

ALCADEV closely coordinates with the indigenous people’s organizations and also with the Department of Education-Bureau of Alternative Learning System (CARAGA and Surigao del Sur), TESDA, local government units, private and public schools and nongovernment organizations that promote alternative farming technology and offers various livelihood skills training program.

ALCADEV is born out of the joint efforts of indigenous peoples organizations in CARAGA region ( MAPASU , KALUNASS, and KASALO), TRIFPSS-NGO and SILDAP-SIDLAKAN.


Through education the indigenous people develop into effective leaders and productive members of their community and country and are able to improve their socio-economic status and enhance their culture to competently deal with complex situations in the future.


To provide a system of relevant knowledge , skills and values to develop the indigenous youth to be self-reliant, self -sufficient, analytical and creative in seeking ways to improve the quality of life to their families indigenous communities and the country.


1.  Promotion of alternative learning system for secondary education that enhance their intellectual capacity and growth; and to reinforce their collective pride and identity as indigenous peoples capable of taking an active role in shaping the country’s future.

2.  Facilitation of various knowledge and skills on alternative farming i.e scientific, innovative, systematic, and sustainable and to integrate these into various areas of livelihood development.

3.  Promotion of self-organization and cultural identity through relevant educational activities among parents , members and leaders of indigenous communities.

Know how you can help ALCADEV and the indigenous youth of Caraga.


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