Seven Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural and Livelihood Development (ALCADEV) staff were trained in Statistical Package on Social Sciences (SPSS) last  September 15-18 at the  ALCADEV school.

The training was organized by the New World Philippines Country office. Trainer Lomel Buena, from IBON FOUNDATION, facilitated the workshop, which had  two parts:survey design transformed into a project proposal and the processing of data or entering of  data into the SPSS program. In the actual conduct of  workshop, ALCADEV participants   were divided into two groups for the hands-on component. One focused on a formulated theme “Basic Socio Economic Profile in Two LumadCommunities “while the other was on “ Awareness Survey on Food Security Project in  Two Indigenous Peoples  Communities ”.

Each group has designed a project proposal based on the formulated theme. The formulated questionnaires are tested only among the participants. After interviewing each other, designing of templates was done as the  facilitator  explained  the step by step process of entering the  data into the SPSS program. The two groups have successfully undergone  the entire process  and presented work outputs. Critiquing was  also done after  each  presentation.

Some of the participants realized that entering  data into the SPSS program is an intricate job. They affirmed that it needs constant  use and application for mastery and to further discover its operation. But they  recognized  that the  training contributed a lot   in  enabling them  to use the software. They said, SPSS will help in the easy facilitation of conducting surveys, especially  related to food security projects, compared to the previous manual consolidation of data . It has also widened participants’ capacity in extracting data when conducting  research surveys. Participants are also clear about the limitations  set by SPSS.

The staff are very thankful to New World for designing a program that contributed to the enhancement of their capacity as well as the  institution. Over all, expectations and objectives  of the participants have been successfully achieved. The plan for the  re-echo training  has  been   discussed already  at the management level.###


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