“Schools that   emerged from  the  peoples  strength and unity is the  strongest legality the people can share to everyone.” These words were uttered by Datu Tayadan, the  tribal chieftain of Han-ayan while exchanging ideas with some women in front of the stage. In a few moments, he is going to lead an indigenous prayer. The ALCADEV’s  8th  founding  year celebration will formally start its grand opening program  on the morning of July 23, 2012.

The five-day affair of ALCADEV’s celebration was joined  by parents, members and leaders from different  Lumad communities under Malahutayong  Pakigbisog Alang Sumusunod or Persevering Struggle for the next Generation (MAPASU) and TIPJONGAN  organization. Different religious groups, NGOs and government organizations also participated  in the celebration. The highlights of the program were the field demonstrations where ALCADEV learners   performed   different indigenous dances gracefully and  naturally.

Hon.Manuel. F. Alameda,Sr, provincial governor of Surigao del Sur  kindly  enduring  hard  travel on the way just to grace the ALCADEV celebration his presence. The people were attracted to his statement when he highlighted in his speech that the real definition of peace should emerged from people’s free will. “If peace for the people means no militarization, then let it be that way.”

After the mornings program, different aspects of  literary games, ball games, parlor games and indigenous games followed that showcased the  capacities and skills of the learners, who were placed into  four teams. Heavy rains  turned ALCADEV grounds a muddy place but this never became a hindrance in pursuing activities as planned. Both student leaders and staff however ensured systematic facilitations  of the games. Maikel Vlaeminck,  an intern from Kaho Sint Lieven School in Belgium came for the second time to show his support to  the celebration. He facilitated parlor games in a synchronized manner to the competing teams.     The basketball game in the muddy court drew attention from  many eyes. Men and women from different  communities  joined the competition. ALCADEV  staff  both men and women also participated in solidarity with the muddy players. Muddy as ever, everyone enjoyed the competition.

The awarding ceremonies  night of  July 27, 2012  was filled with excitement from the four teams. Huge cheers and claps went up as winners were announced. For ALCADEV learners, what matters most is not  the prize but their active participation during the entire celebration as they knew that each year is important to their school and must be celebrated with deep enthusiasm.

Marife Magbanua, the executive director, emphasized in her solidarity message that the knowledge  and skills shown  by everyone in the celebration, the cheers, shouts and excitement enjoyed by all are offered to all schools in Mindanao who are now gradually sprouting and  share the same struggles with ALCADEV.” The theme that was printed in your t-shirts now  are actually offered in solidarity to  all schools under military  attack in Mindanao!”, Magbanua added in her speech. The night’s activity ended with the loud beatings of the  “gong” as the students and visitors danced gaily.


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