At least 25 interested participants were given training on hinabol  weaving at the Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural and Livelihood Development (ALCADEV school) last July15-19, 2012.ALCADEV requested women weavers from RMP-NMR program based in Bukidnon  for a four-day training. The participants are composed of ALCADEV staff, community leaders and  members, and selected learners. The skills training on hinabol (woven abaca) was designed to provide other  alternatives that can be made out of abaca fiber. As practiced, stripped abaca fiber after having been processed are directly sold to the buyers in the lowlands.

The training involves the putting up of the loom or the weaving facility. Processing of abaca fibers before weaving is also taught including the  dying using aesthetic and innovative processes. The hinabol product came in different colors based on the weavers choice in combining the colors. And finally, the process of  weaving “hinabol abaca fabrics”  from abaca fiber was taught. The trainers also emphasized how to make colors consistent and maintain a quality product. Right after the training,the weaving technology was re-echoed  to all learners of different  year levels by   maximizing   the  Technology in Home Economics (T.H.E)  class hour.

Participants were delighted by their hinabol  work output. Some complained of the intricate processes required to  achieve  a quality product. However, it gave the majority a positive outlook. They hope that one day, this weaving technology can create handicrafts from abaca and  eventually influence people to think about  other livelihood alternatives



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